Karoo Ambassadors Some folks who love Karoo! Karoo Ambassadors Some folks who love Karoo!


Ashley Hesseltine (a.k.a. Hess) couldn’t shake one haunting question, “What if guys acted like girls on Instagram?” “Who cares?” you might think. It turns out a lot of people do. After spending her career as a writer and blogger the answer to this question catapulted Hess into the Insta-sphere with her account Bros Being Basic. Juggling two viral Insta accounts and her blog Witty + Pretty, Hess’ work-from-anywhere set-up affords time to travel, explore, and live Life Wide Open!

story_img2Mark and Leah

Leah and Mark sold everything they own to travel full time with their 3 year old son. “Adventure is Life” is their motto and they work hard to fully enjoy their family time, while exploring this great big world we live in. Following crazy ideas and seeing where the journey takes them is what they do for fun. Trying to be normal never really worked for them so they decided to go off and be themselves no matter what happens!



Restaurant and bar owner turned marketing guru, Bill Kaelin has painted Atlanta with outrageous events (read: intimate show with Lady GaGa pre-superstardom), clever promotions, and strategic partnerships for top lifestyle brands. A forward thinking and a downright fun guy (his place was called Bazaar after all), this Illinois native has embraced Atlanta as home. What makes Bill tick? All inclusiveness. From LGBT outreach to speaking to all cultures, Bill encourages all to live Life Wide Open!


Mara Davis is a storyteller. Through her unique voice, she weaves the tale of the city’s eclectic music, food and pop culture scenes, transforming the city of Atlanta into the ATL. Her carefree and approachable interview style gives listeners the chance to truly experience the personality of her guests through the airwaves, revealing their individual contribution to this thriving city. Calling the Highlands home, if she’s not relaxing on her porch she’s looking for her next culinary adventure.

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