TOTAL EYE HEALTH State of the Art Eye Exams TOTAL EYE HEALTH State of the Art Eye Exams

We Believe in Total Eye Health.

Your eyes are your windows to a life wide open. Take care of them!
At Karoo we don’t just check your prescription; we give you a comprehensive eye health and wellness exam.



Comprehensive Eye Health Exam

Our in-house optometrist, Dr. Sullivan, will begin your exam with both an evaluation of your prescription measurements and a picture of your retina. Don’t worry; she’ll make sure to get its good side!

Then she’ll run a series of tests to determine everything from the function of your eye muscles, to the alignment of your eyes, your field of vision, and optic nerve health.

Then comes the best part. We give you your Karoo passport and you’re ready to see and be seen with your own Karoo fashions!